Press releases

Press releases

The Trust for the Americas and the OAS Launch Open Government Action Plan Development in Times of COVID-19


As part of the second phase of the Open Government project: Transformation to an Open Public Administration in Belize, and seeking to leverage open government tools to tackle issues raised by COVID-19, The Trust for the Americas in coordination with the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Belize Open Government Steering Committee announces the launch of the Belize Open Government Action Plan Development in Times of COVID-19.


The OAS Secretary General Calls on Member States to Consolidate their Democratic Efforts in the Region


During the Permanent Council Session on May 14, issues related to democratic stability during the COVID-19 Pandemic were discussed. During this session, the work of the Trust for the Americas was highlighted. This work includes developing platforms and solutions that improve the management capacities of governments and interaction with civil society.

NCB ICON Lab Kickstarts the First Cohort of Trainees in Jamaica


The Trust for the Americas with kind support from the N.C.B. Foundation kickstarted today with the first cohort of trainees of the NCB ICON Lab in Jamaica.


The Trust for the Americas re-elects its Executive Committee for 2020-2022


During the first semi-annual Board of Directors meeting held on May 11, 2020, the members reelected the Executive Committee of The Trust for the Americas.

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The Trust for the Americas Participates in the Event: "Youth for an Inclusive Future Post COVID-19"


This round table event reunited young leaders from Latin America to reflect on the opportunities that the current pandemic could bring to the organizations working in the development sector. Secretary-General, Luis Almagro and Latin American singer Miguel Mendoza (known as Nacho) offered remarks regarding the challenges to guarantee more rights for people beyond the pandemic.

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The Trust for the Americas joins the Caribbean School of Data initiative to train 100 young people in digital and data skills during 2020


The Trust for the Americas, through its local partner, the Institute of Law and Economics (ILE), will kickstart the Caribbean School of Data online training module for the first cohort of 25 students on May 18th 2020.


The Trust for the Americas launches 48h Virtual Hackathon on Open Data Enabling Tourism in Belize


With tourism being an Information-Intensive sector, effective access to data and information provides the basis for awareness, choice, security, and improved service delivery between the prospective tourist and local operators. The 2020 Hackathon will focus on solutions for the utilization of open data in tourism to promote destinations, highlight value-added services, and improve safety and security.


The Trust for the Americas of the OAS and the Office of the First Lady of Paraguay will Train Women Entrepreneurs and Artisans in Digital Education


Como parte del plan de expansión de operaciones en el cono sur, The Trust for the Americas firma convenio de entendimiento con la Oficina de la Primera Dama del Paraguay para implementar programas a fin de mejorar las oportunidades económicas de las mujeres paraguayas.

The Trust for the Americas launches Youth for Open Data Campaign in Panama


En el marco del proyecto “Innovación a través de Datos Abiertos en Panamá”, The Trust for the Americas lanza una campaña de sensibilización en datos abiertos para jóvenes de distintos sectores y provincias de la República de Panamá, con la finalidad de promover la participación ciudadana, representación territorial en la temática y la formación de líderes en temas relacionados a Datos Abiertos, Gobierno Abierto y Periodismo de Datos.


Open Government Webinars Belize Project Resources Available


Open Government Program Resources created in the framework of the Project: “Transformation to an Open Public Administration in Belize (2019-2021)” Implemented by the Trust for the Americas and the Department for Effective Public Management of the OAS, with the Support of the Embassy of the United State of America in Belize.


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