The Trust for the Americas creates a brighter future for people in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing access to economic opportunities, fostering governance and transparency and promoting social inclusion.
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Economic Empowerment
Governance, Accountability and Transparency
Social Inclusion

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20 Countries in Latin America
and the Caribbean

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We partner with local organizations to train and provide vulnerable communities with job readiness tools and hands-on skills to help them become self-sufficient. Through strategic collaboration with public and private sectors, our projects help people succeed and inspire communities to thrive.
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Venezuelan Displaced Communities Program: Know my story

Odell Marsh

Urban Lab for Youth Innovation in Jamaica

“My name is Odell Marsh. I am 25 years old and the eldest of six children. I grew up in a single parent home in the rough community of Jones Town also known as ‘Jungle’. This is not an easy community to survive in, especially as a male, where the negative influences and peer pressure are everywhere”.

Odell is a DIA participant at the Urban Innovation Lab, where he takes courses on business models and innovation. “My project focuses on capturing the true essence of the Jamaican culture through a Patois Language App. The language app allows the user to translate English language to Patois. With the help of DIA, I have been able to create and test this app. I know innovation is the next big thing and DIA gives me hope to pursue it”.