Press releases

Press releases

The Trust for the Americas was Honored at Conference


The Trust for the Americas is proud to announce that it received a prestigious recognition at this year's CSEdCon Conference, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Belize - Estados Unidos

The Trust for the Americas’ Public-Private Data Partnerships as a Case Study at the UN Internet Governance Forum 2023


Rodrigo Iriani, Senior Program Manager at The Trust for the Americas, was a distinguished participant at the 18th annual United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) held in Kyoto, Japan, from October 8 to 12, 2023. Hosted by the Government of Japan, this year's IGF revolved around the theme, "The Internet We Want - Empowering All People."

La Universidad Tecnológica Santa Catarina (UTSC) y The Trust for the Americas transforman el panorama tecnológico en México como Centro Autorizado Certificador de Microsoft


The Trust for the Americas, en alianza con la Universidad Tecnológica Santa Catarina (UTSC), se complace en anunciar su lanzamiento oficial como Centro Autorizado Certificador de Microsoft, Certiport. Esta importante certificación posiciona a la UTSC como un referente en la formación y certificación en tecnología de vanguardia en el país.


Hadi Partovi and Guillermo Areas Join the Board of Directors  of The Trust for the Americas


The Trust for the Americas is proud to announce the  election of Hadi Partovi and Guillermo Areas as new members of its Board of Directors. The Board voted unanimously to welcome both Mr. Partovi and Mr. Areas.

Estados Unidos

Founders of The Trust for the Americas Are Presented with The Trust/OAS 2022 Humanitarian Award


Washington, D.C. November 30, 2022.- The Trust for the Americas initiated its 25th Anniversary year by awarding on November 30th its Humanitarian Award to its founding Board of Directors members. The Humanitarian Award recognized Enrique Segura, June DeHart and Susan Benson for founding an institution devoted to promoting socio-economic inclusion of all people and reflect their faith everyone deserves an opportunity to excel.

Estados Unidos

Mercado Libre is recognized with The Trust for the Americas/OAS 2021 Corporate Citizen of the Americas Award


Mercado Libre was selected as the winner of the 2021 CCA Award for its efforts to promote digital transformation, employment creation, financial inclusion, and economic growth. They did this with the least possible environmental impact. Instituto Natura and Fundación ManpowerGroup received honorable mentions for their work in the region.

Argentina - Estados Unidos

The Trust for the Americas and the NGO Glasswing International sign a cooperation agreement to promote initiatives for the empowerment of vulnerable communities in Central America


This partnership will train women, migrants, and youth to use digital and life skills to access economic opportunities.

El Salvador - Guatemala - Honduras

Presentación de Informe Costa Rica: caracterización y análisis de las políticas en materia de migración internacional y refugiados


Betilde Muñoz, Directora de Inclusión Social de la OEA, agradeció por el trabajo conjunto del gobierno de Costa Rica, la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, a la República de Corea y reconoció a The Trust for the Americas como socio en la implementación del trabajo a nivel de terreno, por contar con un amplio historial en Centroamérica, beneficiando a más de 150,000 miembros de comunidades vulnerables.

Costa Rica

Patricia Villela Marino is recognized with The Trust for the Americas/OAS 2020 Humanitarian Award


The Executive Committee Board of The Trust for the Americas has selected Patricia Villela Marino as the winner of the 2020 Humanitarian Award for her leadership on programs that improve the odds for inmates and give them the tools to live productive and economically independent lives when they are released.

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Microsoft launches effort to provide digital skills to 25M people this year


Microsoft launched an initiative Monday to teach digital skills to 25 million people who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 by the end of 2020. The company will combine resources from itself and its subsidiaries LinkedIn and GitHub to identify in-demand jobs and skills, provide free skills and job-seeking tools and low-cost certifications.

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