Sophia Lobo


During the Fall internship, Sophia will be working in the Department of Regional Alliances and Programs assisting the Director of Business Innovation and Regional Alliances.

Sophia is passionate about human rights, democracy, and sustainable development in the Americas. She has worked for the defense and promotion of human rights in Venezuela and in Latin America in the Non-Governmental Organization Aula Abierta as an assistant to the Research and International Advocacy Coordination, monitoring and documenting human rights violations in the university field and assisting in the development of international advocacy strategies before human rights bodies to include the situation of academic freedom in the region on their agenda.

Likewise, Sophia has worked as co-monitor of Rafael Urdaneta University’s Network of Amnesty International Venezuela, coordinating actions to raise awareness and denounce human rights violations around the world at the Rafael Urdaneta University. Sophia is a Venezuelan student in the last semester of Political and Administrative Sciences. From the age of 17 she has worked defending human rights. She speaks Spanish and English.