Fatima Galeazzo

National Coordinator - Brazil

Since 2016, Fátima has been at the forefront of the expansion, consolidation and implementation of The Trust's programs and projects in Brazil, as well as the expansion and strengthening of the network of strategic allies. Aiming to increase the impact of interventions, with a special focus on social and digital inclusion and the generation of economic opportunities, she has been contributing to other regional initiatives of The Trust, such as Franquia Social and Online Courses Platforms, to the implementation of strategies to strengthen the collective capacity of partners, with an emphasis on impact and sustainability.


Fátima is Brazilian, with European citizenship and holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Innovation and Sustainability Project Management and specializations in the areas of Strategic Planning and People Management.

With a professional trajectory of over 35 years in the social sector, she has worked in strategic areas and in management, leadership and consulting positions, working in high-impact social projects and businesses, both national and international. Her experience in different areas made it possible to contribute to the transformation and empowerment of non-profit organizations through advising on the implementation of innovative and sustainable initiatives, in the areas of Mobilization and Fundraising, Projects and Social Business, Institutional Development, Corporate Governance, Knowledge Management and Strategic Management of Social Organizations.

As a volunteer, she participated in the foundation and management of different organizations, among them, a national federation dedicated to defending the rights and exercising citizenship of people with disabilities, acting as a Strategic Advisor; and an organization focused on the dissemination and implementation of good practices of Social Entrepreneurship in the country, acting as Director of Administrative, Financial and Institutional Development.

Fátima is particularly interested in topics involving technology, education, innovation and sustainability as essential resources for social transformation.

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