Carlos Escalante

Communications Specialist

As the Communication Specialist, Carlos oversees the Communications Department's smooth functioning under the Communications director's supervision. His main goal is to optimize project impact throughout the Americas by leveraging digital platforms and implementing effective outreach media strategies.

Carlos has actively engaged with vulnerable populations in Costa Rica and the United States, including immigrants and youth. Through his role as a teacher and advocate, he has made a lasting impact on these communities by promoting the development of critical life skills. Prior to joining The Trust for the Americas, Carlos worked at the Costa Rican Trade Promotion Authority, where he provided consulting services to companies aiming to enhance their competitiveness through the Country Brand, essential COSTA RICA.

Carlos has a strong academic foundation with a bachelor's degree in International Trade from LEAD University in San Jose, Costa Rica. He is currently pursuing a diploma in Strategic Corporate Communications at El TEC de Monterrey to further expand his knowledge and expertise in this field.

Carlos's dedication to achieving organizational objectives and his passion for effective communication drive his work.

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