Myriam Stella Romero Romero

Business Development & Program Manager Andean Region

Myriam Stella Romero Romero has experience in providing consulting services to strengthen non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in several countries in Latin America. She has also experience in managing social projects related to the appropriation of information technology, promoting human rights and generating economic opportunities (entrepreneurship projects) to underserved communities.

Some of the projects she has led were financed by entities of international cooperation, private companies, and governmental organizations. Likewise, she has serves in high-level managing positions in companies such as Colpatria Bank, Superior Education Foundation (FES), Franquicia Diners Club (hoy Davivienda) y Promotora Colombiana de Recreación, etc.

Myriam has also served as a university professor for graduate programs in several Colombian universities in the areas of management, finance, and marketing.