Madelka McCalla

Chief Corporate Affairs and Social Impact Officer

Madelka McCalla currently serves as AES' Chief Corporate Affairs and Impact Officer, directly reporting to the Global Chief Operating Officer. With a distinguished career trajectory, Madelka previously held pivotal roles including Vice President of Global Stakeholder Relations and Social Impact, and Director of Stakeholder Relations overseeing both EMEA and global portfolios, driving AES' collaborative stakeholder approach.

During her tenure as AES Africa's CSR director from 2010 to 2013, Madelka orchestrated transformative initiatives in Cameroon and Nigeria. Prior to this, she played a key role at the UN Development Programme, skillfully coordinating UN communication and aligning national goals with the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Madelka's diplomatic service from 2005 to 2009 included representing Panama at the US Embassy and the Permanent Mission of Panama to the United Nations. Her academic journey features a BA in political science and sociology from McGill University and an MA in global governance and public policy with a focus on development and technology from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

As an alumna of Georgetown Global Competitive Leadership and Fellow of Central America Leadership Initiative, Madelka extends her impact through board positions at AES Andes, AES Brazil, AES Colombia, and the U.S.-Mexico Foundation. At the local level, she actively contributes to the Arlington and Virginia Chambers of Commerce.

Madelka McCalla's biography is marked by her dedication to propelling change, fostering engagement, and exhibiting exceptional leadership on a global scale.