How we do it

We can only provide much needed opportunities for every generation to thrive and build a peaceful prosperous future by developing strong partnerships with stakeholders in each country where we work.

The Trust’s Strength: Region-Wide Synergies

Civil Society
Public Sector
Private Sector

Implementing our programs

The Trust for the Americas partners with local organizations, governments, the private sector, and civil society to promote economic and social inclusion. In addition to its programs within the region, The Trust for the Americas finances local proposals that align with our goals, which allows us to promote sustainable change through the monitoring and evaluation of these projects.

Financing our programs

Alliances with governments, civil society organizations, and relevant private sector actors allows The Trust for the Americas to generate a greater impact. These partnerships support our programs not only through grants, but also through capacity building courses, infrastructure, and trainings that improve the environment for our beneficiaries and local team.

Board contributions
Federal Grants