CIMA Project (Comprehensive Training for Women in Action in Spanish)

Project under implementation


The CIMA Project (Comprehensive Training for Women in Action in Spanish) is implemented by the Trust for the Americas, in partnership with SERAJ (Servicios para la Juventud) and JCC (Jóvenes Constructores de la Comunidad), with the support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Since 2022, CIMA seeks to increase the general well-being and financial autonomy of young women between the ages of 16 and 29 through in-person and/or virtual trainings on technical, life, digital and empowerment skills, mentorship and support services. Through these efforts, CIMA supports the insertion of participants into the labor market within the hospitality industry in Mexico City.

Project purpose

To support young women who are currently not working nor studying, by providing access to quality job opportunities within the hospitality industry, through comprehensive training, as well as mentorship and support services.

Project goals

To promote the empowerment of women through useful information and mechanisms that aid them to identify and respond to scenarios of violence in both domestic and work environments

To promote technical, life, empowerment and digital skills among young women who currently do not work nor study

To train 400 young women so that they may compete for a quality job opportunity

To link 70% of participants to a quality job opportunity within the hospitality industry



Women access courses within the comprehensive training path in the four training pillars: technical, life, digital and empowerment skills

Access to support services

Women access support services in the form of transportation and connectivity stipends, as well as specific support for mothers

Mentoring services

Women receive psycho-emotional support and personalized mentoring

Access to job opportunities

Women access quality job opportunities in the hospitality industry

Strategic partners

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