Inclusive Innovation Lab in Mexico

Project completed


The Trust launched the first DIA Lab during the 2015 Summit of the Americas with support from CAF-Development bank of Latin America. The DIA Lab for Inclusive Innovation opened doors in the first quarter of 2016 in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico, aiming to empower a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs through access to technology and innovation curricula. 

Project purpose

Facilitate a free space that provides the opportunity for young people, with or without disabilities, the opportunity to acquire digital and technological skills for the development of innovative projects.

Main achievements

Recognized by the Zero Project Initiative 2020
The DIA Inclusive Innovation Lab is self-sustainable since the end of 2016.
As of 2015, the Lab has trained over 1100 at risk youth.
Of the total number of young people impacted, 35% are female.
Participants who have developed an innovative product.

Strategic partners

Local partner

Success Stories



Estéfani, 21, created EASY3NI, a mobile app – streamlining of patient registration process and collect patient’s data. “I am a change-maker because I have high expectations for my project, EASY3NI. My team is really looking to improve the local health industry. This is something that we need and we are committed. DIA means opportunities for those who believe.” 



Mauricio, 20, is the leader of MOD AIR PURIFIER, a low-cost ionized air purifier that removes 99% of contaminants from the air in a room. Mauricio says, “Santa Catarina, our community, inspired us because it is very industrial. We want to make sure our families and friends don’t suffer from respiratory diseases. The key to develop a project is to never let someone tell you that your idea is not good enough. All you need is motivation, commitment and creativity. Write down your ideas, read them out loud, share them with friends and gather feedback. Then, get back to work and always keep your goals in mind. DIA taught me that youth are not the future, we are the present.” 


Date Nails

Sugeyry, 21, created a DATE NAILS, a mobile app – crowd-sourced reviews of local Beauty Salons and online reservation services. She says, “I am an innovator whenever I seek to satisfy needs in my community. DIA’s Inclusive Innovation Laboratory provided me with the necessary skills to develop an idea and turn it into a reality. For me, DIA is a community of driven youth. We are ready to thrive.” 

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