The Trust for the Americas, Microsoft and EY join efforts to reduce labor inequality in Mexico

Capacitación en Celamex
  • This alliance is part of the strategies within the framework of the POETA DigiSpark Project
  • 30 people in Mexico will receive skills training that will facilitate their access to economic opportunities, through the EY Future Skills Workshops curriculum


Mexico City. - After the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment and underemployment rates increased in countries such as Mexico and Colombia. Its most vulnerable populations have difficulties accessing training opportunities, especially those that involve digital and technical skills. Access to these opportunities is key to revitalizing economies and increasing the competitiveness of people, particularly those looking to get their first job. It should be noted that both countries represent two of the largest economies in Latin America, which have suffered due to the pandemic.

In this sense, The Trust for the Americas is committed to the development and professional growth of individuals and, therefore, offers interested people the possibility of improving their skills and knowledge. Hand in hand with Microsoft Philanthropies and in association with a network of local partners, The Trust implements the POETA DigiSpark Project, which focuses on providing training in digital, technical and life skills, in order to facilitate access to economic opportunities and schools in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

The Trust for the Americas, as a regional NGO, strengthens ties between the public and private sectors to impact the lives of millions of people. Therefore, in 2022, EY joined the POETA DigiSpark initiative to offer courses from the Future Skills Workshops initiative and help beneficiaries acquire the necessary skills for employability. Through the EY Future Skills Workshops content series, POETA DigiSpark contributes to strengthening the capacities of our network of local partners so that they, in turn, are better positioned to promote 21st century skills among teachers and vulnerable communities.   

In Mexico, this alliance will have the support of the local partner Centro Laboral México I.A.P (Celamex), which will allow face-to-face training of about 30 people. In turn, hundreds of more people will benefit through training, both face-to-face and virtual, that Celamex will implement throughout 2023.

Pierina Nepote, Senior Manager of the Program for Economic Opportunities through Technology in the Americas (POETA), highlighted that “for POETA, it has been a privilege to have the support of Microsoft Philanthropies and to work with an ally like EY. Together, we have managed to bring practical content to contribute to the formation of active and productive citizens, who seek to positively impact their communities. From The Trust, we appreciate the support of Microsoft Philanthropies and EY to make it a reality that thousands of people, including teachers, benefit from the EY Future Skills Workshops to contribute to the comprehensive training of POETA DigiSpark participants”.

These workshops will be led by volunteers who work at EY, who will train people over 16 years of age, especially the unemployed and/or underemployed, in digital, technical and life skills. This will make it easier for them to compete in the labor market, whether it is in the search for a job, a promotion, an internship, as well as in the creation or strengthening of a business, or when starting or advancing in their formal education.

Diana Díaz, Director of Strategy and leader of Corporate Responsibility at EY Mexico, points out that "at EY we are very excited about this collaboration that allows us to reach vulnerable communities to share the knowledge, experience and skills of our professionals, and thus promote the talent of young people who can be successfully linked to the labor market. We need to promote quality education in the country, which transforms the lives of future generations. This alliance with The Trust for the Americas and Microsoft allows us to accelerate the multiplier effect of our EY Ripples corporate responsibility program, to fulfill our purpose of building a better business world.”

On the other hand, Atenas Pérez, General Director of Celamex I.A.P, highlighted that, for Celamex, the promotion and integral development of each one of its young beneficiaries is essential. “The alliances with The Trust for the Americas in collaboration with Microsoft and EY have allowed us to carry out a significant intervention in the potentialization of the skills of each participant. We have been able to make each course more flexible and adapt according to each group of young people with whom we work, thus achieving a greater reach and impact on the population both in Mexico City and nationally. We feel very proud to be able to collaborate together and to know that we are the same body that effectively impacts the increase in job opportunities”.

The Trust for the Americas, through the POETA DigiSpark Project, since its inception, has trained 74,838 people aged 16 and over and teachers in digital, technical and life skills. In addition to facilitating 27,287 economic and educational opportunities.

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About CELAMEX:  

Centro Laboral México I.A.P provides comprehensive care to youth, training and developing their talents and socio-emotional resources, through a care model that provides them with tools to create their life project.


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