Mariane Gama de Medeiros


Mariane is from the state of Paraíba, Brazil, Engineer and a Teacher. Found a way to feel useful to the society and also to grow and learn from different cultures, traditions and adversities on working as a volunteer. She hopes to contribute to a more balanced society and sustainable development. She has been a professional of education for over 6 years, with experience and competence in speaking, research, higher education and leadership.

She has a history of experience in organizational management, life cycle analysis, environmental management and renewable energies, being graduated in environmental engineering, has a master degree in Renewable Energies from the UFPB (Federal University of Paraíba) and Interior Design from IFPB (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Paraíba), with experience in environmental projects and as a graduate professor in both areas.

In addition, attended lectures in traditional and agile project management courses for engineering degree. As an engineer and also a designer, she has a broader view on projects. She has experience working with teams in both private and social projects, she has been working for 5 years as a Project Coordinator at the NGO Milagre Sertão, which serves rural communities in her home state, providing courses, food and medical care to several communities. Focused on results, offering total dedication and contributing to a positive and productive environment, with the conviction that challenges, innovation and changes are the main keys to professional and personal growth.